Two tiny compositions on friendship

I think time called for a small music output on my part accessible to the public. Up to this point I have only played and composed in the secretiveness of my hermetically closed chamber. Still I am so cheeky to call myself a „musician“ on every suitable and unsuitable occasion. To be sure, nobody believes me.

For proof’s sake, here are the notes to “Fast Friends”
and the midi;
as well as the notes to “A Snippet of Friendship”
and the midi thereof.

Though I have a feeling that now people will even believe me less. I myself am well aware of the limitations of the two pieces. And „limitations“ is quite the euphemism here.

Well, I can only tell what my idea in composing was: to somehow catch up with the aspects of light-hearted friendship my novel „The Earth Within“ indubitably contains.
Fast Friends“ really is directed at the second meaning of ‘fast’, namely, ‘strong’ (instead of ‘quick’), although the ambiguity is not altogether unwelcome. „Fast Friends“ is more of a general theme to encompass the aspects mentioned above.
A Snippet of Friendship“ is a variation on that theme. Here the pace is quicker and the dynamic more playful. I have set out with the scene of the fourth chapter on my mind – „A girl in the night“. The interchange between Paul, Stephen and Rebecca often borders on absurdity, but is always sustained by real warmness towards each other: I think this is well highlighted in that very chapter. So often in their relation throughout the novel, the quizzical twists and turns of their interaction are to be seen. I have tried to translate this nonsensical spiritedness into the notes in working with some atonal strikes, which, however, in no way diminish the merry atmosphere of the piece – rather, they enhance it. The same working mechanism already comes to the fore in „Fast Friends“.

Well, but after I finished both pieces, I was more than ready to throw them into the bin rightaway. Because I didn’t manage to carry through with my intention. When I play and listen to the pieces, they don’t feel at all like I felt the ties between Paul and his friends to be, when writing. Intention failed, project failed. Therefore, I didn’t add to the titles of the .pdf files that the compositions were inspired by a particular theme of „The Earth Within“.

However that may be: time called for a music output.