The magic of Panama – David Colclasure’s “Visions: The Legend of Cascara”

Description by the author / blurb:

Visions, a new 220 page novel, captures exciting details about Panama, its people, history, and conflicts. Distant past scenes come alive with the legend of an Guaymi Indian princess shamed by deception and with ancient Kuna Indian ceremonial rites. Vivid battles capture the attack on Portobello by Admiral Vernon in the “War of Jenkins Ear.” Conquistadors and early explorers face fierce dangers in the dense jungles of Panama. The past, mixed with the present life of a family in the former Panama Canal Zone, presents memorable Visions! This novel creates an adventuresome, emotional trek through the Isthmus that divides a nation and unites the world!
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The protagonists of the novel are Michael, a teenage boy living in the early 1960s, and the English Lieutenant Broderick, a medical officer of the year 1739. In consequence of a near-death experience, Michael receives unsettling visions about an Indian woman entrusting a task on him, a task yet uncertain. His visions will bring him into the life of the Lieutenant – first in his participation in the attack on the Panama coast, then held by the Spanish. These visions are to lead Michael to the revelation of what he is called upon to do. Continue reading