Narcissistic love – Lucas Morgan’s “Anna 2026”

Description by the author / blurb:

“They say there is no hope in the Zone; death the only escape for the addicted.”
Lucas Morgans debut novel. A powerful work of speculative fiction set in a dystopian society on the brink of collapse. Anna 2026 follows the story of Riley, a man determined to rescue his wife, Anna, from a slow death in the Zone – a sealed off area of the city for those charged with taking a new, fatal drug.
Anna 2026 is both a tribute to the bond between husband and wife, and a warning to all those who are blind to what they have, until it is taken from them.


Riley’s beloved wife, Anna, is accused of having taken a drug that wreaks irredeemable havoc on the consumer. The government, by force of the Steadfast Act, locks away detected consumers, never to be released. Anna is taken away from Riley. And for the novel to come, Riley will fight with all his might to find again the love of his life. Continue reading