Dark fantasy gone awry – Trevor Price’s “Insane and Out”

[Well, it might be doubtful whether I should have gone about writing this review in the first place. However, sticking with my review policy, I haven’t put it online with Amazon, Smashwords or any other site. It’s just sitting here on the blog, it might sit here for some time ere I delete it. Deleted it will be. Up until then, it might be an interesting example of how I would be writing reviews were I also prone to write them about novels I didn’t like. I think it’s quite a curious text I’ve come up with here. I’ve been trying not to let the good points of the work go unnoticed, even though I found very little worth the notice. As such, quite a forced note pertains to the text. – But, still, it is: an example.]

Description by the author / blurb:

Doomed to embark on a downward spiral of self realisation, Jason embezzles the Inland Revenue, saves the skin of a mafiosi businessman, corrupts the local Neighbourhood Watch Scheme and commits a grotesque and absurd murder. All this merely to uncover the crime, the calumny that has rotted his soul all along. The radio message from beyond is: There’s just one way out – go insane.

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