The past laid bare – Nancy Madore’s “The Hidden Ones: Legacy of the Watchers (Vol. 1)”

Description by the author / blurb:

As CEO of her own thriving company, Nadia Adeire is flush with success, but a secret society dating back to the Essenes believes her to be one of the ancient djinn: the notorious demoness of Hebrew legend, Lilith. What’s more, they have reason to believe that she’s plotting a catastrophic attack on the world. Nadia is snatched from her ‘perfect’ life and caught up in a maze between a present day disaster and the ancient legends of the djinn. The only way out is to retrace the steps of her deceased grandmother, Helene. The deeper Nadia delves into the past, the harder it will be for her to emerge unscathed. But it’s the only way to stop this impending disaster that was set in motion five thousand years ago.
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Nadia is the chief manager of a successful company working in humanitarian catastrophe relief. A company making money out of misery, say the ones. A company striving to alleviate human suffering, say the others. As says Nadia who believes in her cause. You have to play by the rules of capital if you want to help people, she says. Her kidnappers may think otherwise. Because kidnapped she is. But quickly both her abductors and herself realise that they are different people than they thought each other to be. Nadia is not the imminent threat of a foreign life form and her kidnappers are not barbarians pursuing base interests. And without taking too much notice of it, Nadia is drawn into their mythological mindset, learning about hidden beings still living among us, thousands of years old, with powers by far exceeding the natural. They are the Nephilim, begotten, as already the Bibles tells, of men and the fallen angels – that is, the angels that descended unto earth. Continue reading