How to master hell – Rob Plevin’s “Take Control of the Noisy Class”

From the blurb:

Drawing on 20+ years experience in special education and mainstream settings, teacher-trainer Rob Plevin explains a proven, step-by-step plan for successfully managing the most challenging individuals and groups in today’s toughest classrooms. Packed with powerful, fast-acting techniques – including a novel routine to get any class quiet in 15 seconds or less – this book helps teachers across all age groups connect and succeed with hard-to-reach, reluctant learners.


As a struggling teacher new to the profession I searched the Internet for help in maintaining classroom discipline, which is an important issue particularly for me who is, by temperament, susceptible to signs of indiscipline and interruption in working environments – and the classroom is well one.

It was easy to find generalities: Be consistent. Be strict but fair. Now there only remains faith, hope and love (I laughed heartily when I first read this one, before realising how true it really is in teacher-student-relationships). Narrate positively (with this one I thought I had to check the notes I took in French literature courses again). Don’t smile before December. Yada, yada, yada.   Continue reading